LIVE WEBINAR with Kelvin Chin and Karen Wyatt

"Do Not Make These Meditation Mistakes!"

Info session on meditation with Kelvin Chin,
Stress Management Expert & Meditation Teacher


Wednesday, July 26th

5 PM Pacific Time

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Kelvin Chin

Karen Wyatt

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During this Free Webinar You Will Learn:

  1. How to eliminate Fears of Death.
  2. How to meditate effortlessly.
  3. How to eliminate the Fear of Uncertainty.
  4. How to turn on the opposite of the Fight or Flight Response.
  5. Why focus during meditation does not work.
  6. Why clearing the mind does the opposite.
  7. Why "difficult" meditation is a red flag.
  8. Why control in meditation increases anxiety.

Kelvin Chin has been teaching meditation for 44 years worldwide — now on Skype, phone, and in-person — to thousands of people. He taught the first meditation courses at West Point Military Academy, U.S. Army in Korea (including on the Demilitarized Zone), Raytheon, Yale and Dartmouth. He learned TM meditation at age 19, was a test subject in the first U.S. medical studies on meditation, studied personally with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and taught TM for 10 years in the 1970s. He now teaches his “Turning Within” Meditation through his nonprofit, Turning Within Foundation. He is also the author of "Overcoming the Fear of Death" (available on Amazon in paperback, e-book, audiobook narrated by Kelvin)

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